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Take A Few Mindful Steps Before Saying Yes To Marriage

Take A Few Mindful Steps Before Saying Yes To Marriage

By Admin | 03 Sep, 2020

In today’s day and age, relationships are constantly evolving. The modern world is full of progressive thinking, positive attitude, and open-mindedness toward all relationships. This is why people are witnessing newer experiences when they approach the route of arranged marriage. Read on to learn some key factors to keep in mind when you take the first step towards finding a prospective bride or groom.

Don’t Be In A Hurry
This process can be long and tedious and may often make you feel overwhelmed. So remember to take it easy and accept that arranged marriage is anything but instant. Take each experience as a learning process and get better in filtering the prospects, shortlisting the candidates, and finding clarity in what you are looking for in your life partner.

Make A Few Lists
To keep the process interesting and to learn from it, make a couple of lists with pointers that you’d want to cover. For example, in the first meeting, be sure to cover the basics like the number of family members, living situation, job profile, how they got into this process of arrange marriage and why etc. If this one goes well, take the next step - in the next few meetings, cover details like life plans, children, value system, family structure, discuss few highlights of your lives, etc.

Be Open But Not Blind
No matter what, don’t over-share too quickly or trust someone you meet online. This also applies in the case where you meet a prospect through a mutual friend, peer, family relative etc. People may socially be a certain way and turn out very different when it comes to their everyday life. This is why many people carry out a pre matrimonial verification to ensure that all of the information shared with them and their family is accurate in every way – no lies, and no distorted truths.

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