Here are some questions that could be on your mind. In case you have more queries, feel free to email or call us.
Why should I choose SatyaCheck? Why not approach a detective agency directly?

At SatyaCheck, we give top priority to your anonymity. We do not take any of your personal details. There is no face-to-face meeting or direct communication with the detective. Once you post your case, we provide the details to the detective keeping your identity secret.

This ensures that there are no untoward incidences that can often happen when sensitive information is being investigated – like blackmail from detective or leakage of private information. A detective agency is not always careful with your data and also the security of the information is not guaranteed. This is the main reason why most people opt for SatyaCheck rather than directly deal with a private detective.

We believe many people do not go ahead with pre and post-matrimony investigations because they fear their private lives and sensitive information may be compromised. Our objective is to help such people get the investigation they want with complete peace of mind.

I am a first time user. How do I trust SatyaCheck to deliver?

We understand that as a first time user you may have your doubts and apprehensions about opting for our services. However, the following information may help you clear your doubts:

  • SatyaCheck works with highly trusted and professional detective institutions in India that are members of APDI (Association of Private Detectives and Investigators). Therefore, the investigators are certified and experienced professionals who are best in the field.
  • Our company's WhatsApp number is provided on the website. You can directly message or call on that number for immediate assistance. You will also get regular updates about your case through email. At any point, if you need any information or clarifications, our customer care is available on chat as well as Whatsapp. Once you post your case, you’ll get regular updates from the SatyaCheck operator, assigned especially to your case.

Yes, we are a new company that is driven to provide a solution-based platform for our client-base. Our service is earnest and exceptional, and we continue to receive an overwhelming response from our users. So go ahead and post your case and we will put all your worries to rest.

What are the USPs of SatyaCheck that make it one-of-a-kind?
  • 100% anonymity guaranteed. No client’s details shared with the detective.
  • No personal or online meeting required with the detective.
  • Poora Sach reports shared.
  • 2 days report review time
  • Easy and safe online payments
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Background verification checks typically completed within 2 weeks
What kind of investigation cases does SatyaCheck take?


SatyaCheck primarily does a complete pre-matrimony investigation which includes background and basic verification checks of personal life, financial status, social status, reputation, etc. There are 4 pre-defined packages ranging from basic information to more sensitive and private information checks like Divorce/Remarriage record, Criminal record, Property Disputes, etc. You can check the packages here:


Apart from this, we also conduct custom information verification checks such as Divorce status, Caste of a person, Income, Family, etc. as separate individual cases. These are priced as per the information you need. To conduct a custom verification check, Contact us and we will get back to you with the best price, depending on the information you need.

How do I post a case?

We have 4 packages, ranging from Basic to Advanced Plus:

To post a case, you need to do:

  • Select the Package you want
  • Post your case with the details of the subject, whom you want investigated
    (All details are not mandatory but providing as much information as you can will help the detective complete the investigation faster)

Once posted, your case will be activated and the assigned detective will start working on it immediately.

Tell me the process of ‘Posting a Case’ in detail?
  • Click on ‘Packages’ on the top menu. You will be able to see the 4 packages and what they offer.
  • Select your Package you prefer from the list, and proceed to post your case.
  • In the ‘Post Case’, share the details you know about the subject – Personal, Professional, etc.
    (All details are not mandatory but providing as much information as you can help the detective complete the investigation faster)
  • Once you have finished filling in all the details, you need to make the payment.
  • The detective in charge then starts working on the case.
  • The Poora Sach report, with all the relevant information about the subject obtained from the investigation, will be shared to you within 3 weeks of posting your case.
  • In case you are not completely satisfied with the report or there is incomplete information, you can raise a request for re-investigation within 2 days of getting the original report. Any incomplete or missing information will be re-investigated and another final report will be mailed to you online.
What if I don’t have all information about the subject?

You need not worry about having minimum information. The detectives are skilled and have many years of experience, and this is exactly why they’d be hired. Once you provide any/all details that you have about the subject while posting the case, the detectives will do the rest.

How much do you charge?

The charges depend on the package you choose. There are four types of packages that we offer: Basic, Basic Plus, Advanced, and Advanced Plus.

Where is the complete information about these packages?

Click on ‘Packages’ at the top of the menu on the website. It will show you 4 packages and help you read through the information as well as the respective prices.

The packages cover the following:

  • Basic Package: Includes verification of Family, Address, Business, Income, etc.
  • Basic Plus: Includes features of the Basic package, along with Behaviour, Reputation, and Social profiling, etc.
  • Advanced: Offers deeper investigation into Family Disputes, Lifestyle Check, Police Verification, along with all the Basic verifications.
  • Advanced Plus: Covers in-depth coverage of Previous Marriages, Previous Issues, Divorces, along with all the other verifications.
How is the payment made?

You may process the payment online, via Credit/Debit Cards; wallets like Paytm, NetBanking and even through UPI.

How many days would it take to get the investigation report?

It usually takes within 3 weeks to mail the final Poora Sach report to the client. This also depends on the nature of the investigation. For elaborate or highly sensitive information, it may sometimes take longer. Once you complete the final step of posting details about the subject, the case is activated and the assigned detective starts working on it immediately.

What if I am not happy with the final report?

You can get in touch with us within 2 days of getting the report with your concerns about the report incomplete info or incorrect info etc. We will ensure that the detective provides you with any missing or wrong detail.

After availing the Basic Plus package, if I want to switch to the Advanced package, I’ll have to pay only the remaining amount, right?

Yes, you may upgrade your package any time, and simply pay the difference.

Do you carry out background verification checks for clients in countries other than India?

If the subject, who has to be investigated, is in India then we can provide services to clients based anywhere across the globe. However, we do not conduct investigations on subjects residing outside the country.