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Gopniya rakhni ho baat toh karo hume yaad.


SatyaCheck is India’s first online platform that provides users with access to private detective services, while keeping their identity completely anonymous. Through SatyaCheck you can conduct thorough pre-matrimony investigations by members of APDI.

To sign-up, SatyaCheck only requires your email address.

You are NOT REQUIRED TO SHARE ANY PERSONAL DETAILS like Name, Photo, Phone Number or your Address.

SatyaCheck ASSIGNS YOU A PERSONAL OPERATOR who moderates the entire process between you and the investigating personnel, while your ANONYMITY IS MAINTAINED FROM BOTH PARTIES.

Why Use SatyaCheck?

satyacheck services

Better Safe than Worry

SatyaCheck provides you with the peace of mind you need while getting your loved one married.

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satyacheck services

Anonymity Guaranteed

SatyaCheck never asks for any client information and keeps case briefs 100% confidential.

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satyacheck services

Reliable Investigation Process

SatyaCheck only employs the services of private investigators who are members of Association of Private Detectives and Investigators (APDI).

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Select your investigation package from the following options.

Basic13300  10000

    Individual/Subject Investigation

  • a) Background verification of family
  • b) Verification of the given home and office addresses
  • c) Verification of current Profession/Business
  • d) Verification current Salary package/Income (in the case of self-employed)

Basic Plus23000  20000

    Individual/Subject Investigation

  • a) All Basic Pack checks
  • b) Individual Reputation
  • c) Any Negative comments on the individual and family
  • d) Professional Reputation
  • e) Social Media Profiling
  • f) Relationship Status
  • Family Investigation

  • a) The financial status of family
  • b) The overall behaviour of family
  • c) Reputation of Family

Advanced33800  32000

    Individual/Subject Investigation

  • a) All Basic Plus checks
  • b) Lifestyle check (habits & behaviour)
  • c) Criminal and Civil disputes, if any
  • d) Financial Default Verification(Income tax; Loans; Credit default)
  • e) Any other infamous/illegal incident associated with the individual
  • Family Investigation

  • a) All Basic Plus checks
  • b) Lifestyle check (habits & behaviour)
  • c) Family Criminal and Civil dispute, if any
  • d) Family Financial default (Income tax; Loans; Credit default)

Advanced Plus45900  44000

    Individual/Subject Investigation

  • a) All Advanced checks
  • b) Investigation of previous marriage/separation/divorce
  • c) Reasons for separation/divorce
  • d) Any children from a previous marriage

Key Checks

  • a) Employment Check ( 710.00)
  • b) Professional Reference ( 710.00)
  • c) Personal Reference ( 710.00)
  • d) Identity Proof Check ( 425.00)
  • e) Aadhaar Verification ( 425.00)
  • f) Court Record ( 885.00)
  • g) Global Database ( 1050.00)
  • h) Address Verification ( 1050.00)
  • i) Academic Records ( 1050.00)
  • j) Financial Credit ( 1050.00)

Package Details:
1. Each package provides you with a safe and completely anonymous way to verify the information you need.
2. All prices are indicative only, share case details for final cost.
3. For key checks, submit relevant documents with subject's concern.

Upgrade your package:
For those who want to be certain of our work, you can come in on the Basic package and upgrade by simply paying the difference.

Post a Case

  1. When you post a case with SatyaCheck always remember that we maintain 100% anonymity of your identity.
  2. The case investigation report is also sent confidentially to the email id you created and used for posting the case.
  3. Our 24x7 Call Support will always be at hand, you will receive this number upon posting your case.

Select your City from a list of our agency network. Select your investigation package and proceed to post your case.

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Get in touch with us for any queries regarding our services or any other clarifications.

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Better Safe than Worry

When it comes to getting a loved one married, peace of mind is of utmost importance. SatyaCheck conducts thorough pre-matrimony checks and provides you with relevant and authentic reports to put your mind at rest.

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Anonymity is Always Intact

To sign-up on SatyaCheck, you only require an email address. To maintain 100% anonymity, we encourage you to create a temporary email id for signing up. Once you create a case and select an agency, a SatyaCheck operator is assigned to you who moderates the entire process, keeping your anonymity intact throughout.

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Reliable Investigation Process

All the private investigators on SatyaCheck are member of APDI, which ensures that the investigation is carried out professionally and thoroughly by an experienced agency within the Code of Conduct/Ethics prescribed by the Association. At no point do the investigators have any access to your identity.

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Basic Package Inclusions

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Basic Plus Package Inclusions

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Advanced Package Inclusions

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