Why Use SatyaCheck?

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Better Safe than Worry

SatyaCheck provides you with the peace of mind you need while getting your loved one married.

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Anonymity Guaranteed

SatyaCheck never asks for any client information and keeps case briefs 100% confidential.

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Reliable Investigation Process

SatyaCheck only employs the services of private investigators certified by the Association of Private Detectives and Investigators (APDI).

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About SatyaCheck

SatyaCheck is India’s first online marketplace that provides users with access to private detective services, while keeping their identity completely anonymous. Through SatyaCheck you can conduct thorough pre-matrimony investigations by using the services of professional detectives who have been certified by the Association of Private Detectives and Investigators (APDI).

To sign-up, SatyaCheck only requires your email address.

You are NOT REQUIRED TO SHARE ANY PERSONAL DETAILS like Name, Photo, Phone Number or your Address.

SatyaCheck ASSIGNS YOU A PERSONAL OPERATOR who moderates the entire process between you and the investigating personnel, while your ANONYMITY IS MAINTAINED FROM BOTH PARTIES.


Get in touch with us for any queries regarding our services or any other clarifications.

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Better Safe than Worry

When it comes to getting a loved one married, peace of mind is of utmost importance. SatyaCheck conducts thorough pre-matrimony checks and provides you with relevant and authentic reports to put your mind at rest.

Anonymity is Always Intact

To sign-up on SatyaCheck, you only require an email address. To maintain 100% anonymity, we encourage you to create a temporary email id for signing up. Once you create a case and select an agency, a SatyaCheck operator is assigned to you who moderates the entire process, keeping your anonymity intact throughout.

Reliable Investigation Process

All the private investigators on SatyaCheck are certified by APDI, which ensures that the investigation is carried out professionally and thoroughly by an experienced agency within the Code of Conduct/Ethics prescribed by the Association. At no point do the investigators have any access to your identity.