I am married to a wonderful person but before we decided to tie the knot, I had a lot of anxiety as this is my second marriage. Understandably, I had many trust issues and worries about our compatibility. A dear friend suggested that I post my case on the website of SatyaCheck and leave it on them to clarify all my doubts – Believe me that is exactly what happened! They also kept my identity private and respectfully carried out the background check. Thank you so much, SatyaCheck team!


Finding a trusted life partner can be a daunting experience as it is so tough to know the truth because you don’t want anyone to know about you asking around as it can be embarrassing and offensive to the prospective party. But it was regarding our dear son so we wanted to get more information about the girl’s side so we contacted SatyaCheck. Their pre-matrimonial investigation was completed on time and they ensured that we have 100% anonymity. We are so grateful to SatyaCheck and their quality work.


We finally found the right match for our daughter through an online matrimonial website. Obviously there were many doubts and reservations about the whole process as one never knows what may go wrong with these profiles. So my daughter searched for a solution online and found SatyaCheck to help us with the verification of the final two shortlisted prospects. We’re very happy with their assistance and overall services. My daughter is getting married next month, thanks to SatyaCheck!


We were well aware of the risks of online matrimony but went ahead with it anyway. We came across an independent and caring young lady who seemed like a good fit for our son and wanted to be doubly sure that her story is correct. This is how we came across SatyaCheck and the process could not have been more safe and secure. Soon after we posted the case, we received an online Poora Sach report and the details checked out. We are relieved and ready to start the wedding preparations.


We are now strong advocates of pre-matrimonial investigation! This process must not be frowned upon anymore as it saved our daughter’s future. We often think that internet scams are untrue but we almost got trapped. Thanks to SatyaCheck, the investigation unfolded details that we could have never guessed. After we confronted the prospective groom, he soon vanished into thin air. We are so grateful that this horrible experience is now behind us.


We have been a staunch believer of loyal relationships. Had SatyaCheck not been there, we would have ended up with a horrible alliance. Just at the nick of time, we got a detective agency through Satya and the team helped us in finding all the details. Thank guys for saving us.


Finding a trusted lifetime partner is one of the most cherished moments one could think of. One of the nightmares one goes through is ending up with a wrong partner. But at the same time, there is always a chance of information leak and that can create a problem in a relationship. SatyaCheck comes like a rescue partner. Their major aim is 100% anonymity. That is where you feel totally at peace and go ahead with the proposal. Thank you, guys!


Over a period of time, we have come across several cases where marriage wasn’t successful. There were a lot of things people had not thought about or even cared to investigate. In this regard, we were worried about our son. Finding a partner in this time, it was so integral to understand how good the other person. We came across a very seasoned detective agency through SatyaCheck. Thank you so much.


We had been looking for a perfect alliance for our daughter. Such a task it was. And then we finally found someone who matched her worth. It happened way too quick. At this point, we wanted to know about our ‘would be’ son-in-law. Wanted to know if he was a genuine man. This is when someone referred us SatyaCheck. It has been a good take as we got all the information on time. It has been a very to decision, our daughter is happy. We are thankful to SatyaCheck.