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SatyaCheck - Road to a Perfect Arranged Marriage

SatyaCheck - Road to a Perfect Arranged Marriage

By Admin | 26 Feb, 2019

Arranged marriages are still the most common form of tying the knot in India. Recently a study showed that 13 in every 1000 marriages end up in divorce. Not only is this a high number but it is also on the rise. Therefore, it is no surprise that the biggest concern of parents is to ensure that they get their daughter or son married to a suitable and lifelong partner.

A successful marriage is built on two primary pillars - trust and transparency. In an arranged marriage, people can often be misled or misinformed about the truth regarding their prospective in-laws. There have been numerous cases where the true colors of in-laws or the bride/groom have been revealed after the wedding, when it is usually too late. SatyaCheck was conceived keeping these kind of incidents in mind. SatyaCheck helps users build the pillars of trust and transparency before the marriage, by performing effective pre-matrimonial verification checks be it family background, financial status, criminal history, social reputation or professional details with the help of certified private detectives. With SatyaCheck’s services, you can be assured of complete peace of mind while marrying off your daughter or son in an arranged marriage.

There are several pre-matrimonial detective agencies that conduct background verification checks and conduct specific investigations. However, what makes SatyaCheck different from every other agency and truly unique is the fact that it provides its services without revealing client identity.

Currently, SatyaCheck is India’s only online marketplace that provides users with access to private detective services, while keeping their identity completely anonymous. Through SatyaCheck you can conduct thorough pre-matrimony investigations by using the services of professional detectives who have been certified by the Association of Private Detectives and Investigators (APDI). The entire process is online. So there’s no need to have any face to face meeting with detectives. After the verification check is complete, online reports are sent to clients detailing every aspect of the investigation done and the resulting findings.

Registering on SatyaCheck is a simple, one-minute process. All you need is an email id, which can even be a temporary one to protect your privacy. No extra information like Aadhar Number or PAN details are required. Once you create a case and select an agency, SatyaCheck assigns you an operator who acts as the mediator between you and the investigating personnel, keeping your anonymity intact throughout the entire process.

Getting a loved one married? Register on SatyaCheck and enjoy complete peace of mind.

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