For the purposes of this Payment Policy, the terms as defined in the Terms of Use ( Privacy Policy (, shall continue to apply.

1.         GENERAL

                                  1.1  While availing any of the payment method/s available on the Platform, we will not be responsible or assume any liability, whatsoever in respect of any                                        loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to You due to:

                                    a. Lack of authorization for any transaction/s;
                                    b. Exceeding the preset limit mutually agreed by You and between "Bank/s" or;
                                    c. Any payment issues arising out of the transaction, or;
                                    d. The decline of the transaction for any other reason/s.

1.2  All payments made against the services on Platform by you shall be compulsorily in Indian Rupees acceptable in the Republic of India. The platform will not facilitate a transaction with respect to any other form of currency with respect to the payments made on the Platform.

2.         SERVICE FEE

            2.1  A fee will be levied on the Users for availing Our Services (Service Fee), as per the choice of Associates and Packages from Our Platform.

            2.2  All payment for the Services shall be payable to SatyaCheck in the following manner where:
                    a.  100% of the Service Fee shall be paid before the commencement of the investigation

            2.3  This Service Fee is non-refundable. Only in the instances where the investigation has not been initiated, and whereby SatyaCheck expressly agrees,                      the Service Fee may be refunded.

            2.4  If the User utilizes the escalation matrix,and consequently is not satisfied with the final report furnished,a refund may be initiated.Such refund will                      only be to the extent of the administration fee,which will be fifteen percent (15%) of the Service Fee.

            2.5  The Service Fee is to be paid only viaauthorized online payment gateways.

            2.6  Any consultancy or appointment fees and associated expenses which are not envisaged in the package selected by the User, such will be charged by                    SatyaCheck additionally.


3.1  Any money due for payment which continues to be outstanding for a period of seven (7) days beyond the date of commencement of the investigation will be referred to a collection officer and will be subject to a surcharge of 15% to cover the collection costs incurred. Such amount shall be collectively recovered from the User.

3.2  This Policy is applicable to all the Users of the Platform, availing the services offered by us. Please read the present policy along with the Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (